Central European Logistics and Industrial Zone

Hungary is China’s main investment destination country in Central and Eastern Europe, and the Central European Logistics Industrial park is a national key project of the Hungarian government in response to the “Belt and Road” initiative. The project's total investment of 200 million euros includes the upgrading and transformation of the Ukraine-Hungary wide-track reloading port and supported with the construction of an industrial park at its surroundings.

The first phase of the industrial park covers an area of 400 hectares, and enterprises joining the park can enjoy the following preferential policies:

  • The park has complete infrastructure, high-quality logistics and warehousing, efficient and convenient transportation routes
  • Products assembled here are recognized as made in EU, avoiding the tariff barriers
  • High-quality labor and low labor costs in the EU
  • High government subsidies, up to a free government subsidy of 40% of the total investment
  • Preferential tax, up to 80% reduction of corporate tax for 12 tax-paying years