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Universal Translink Aviation (Hungary) Transportation Service Co., Ltd (UTA Hungary)

UTA -Universal Translink Airline Hungary is a newly established air cargo service provider, with BUD Cargo City location office. It is part of the CECZ Group and its aim is to offer full functions of Global Aviation Service on the market in both passengers and cargo transportation. It is striving to build up a cargo airline via own AOC to serve and support air transporation and cargo business between China and CEE countries by purchasing, leasing or organizing aircraft capacity.

To provide powerful transport capacity support to the Budapest Overseas Cargo Terminal project, UTA Hungary is now continuously operating B747F scheduled cargo flights 3 times per week on CGO-BUD-CGO route, which has made UTA Hungary the largest cargo transportation provider from China to BUD.

Csepel Freeport Logistics Park is an express service centre for Chinese-European trains and maritime-rail cargo

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