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Import/export process modelling and definition, customs optimisation, logistics services, spedition

Business Modelling/set-up

Setting up business modells and scearios based on customer demands identification, feasibility study, market entry, company location, factory settting up

  • EU and China
  • Project management
  • Business partner background verification

Supply chain management

  • sourcing
  • supplier audit (finance, quality)
  • product specification, sampling
  • outsourcing
  • OUE/ODM production

Market resource

  • EU and China
  • geographical location
  • market entry strategies
  • market segmentation

Product conformity

  • EU and China
  • food & beverage, eg. water, chocolate, cosmetics
  • electrical and electronical products, LED lighting, consumer electronics, houseware

Event organisation

  • EU and China
  • workshops
  • b2b meetings
  • conferences in environmental protection, water management, hi-tech industry


  • intercultural management
  • business ethiquette
  • import/export processes
  • market situation
  • quality control